Helicopter Squadron 64

Helicopter Squadron 64


The Helicopter Squadron 64 (HSG64) was re-established at Laupheim airbase on the 1st January  2013 as part of the” Capability Transfer Helicopter “. Under the transfer the German Air Force took over the responsibility for the Sikorsky CH-53 Helicopters of the German Army which took over the Bell UH-1D and the new NH90 transport helicopter of the Air Force. Also the responsibility of the Air base Laupheim took over to the Air Force.

The Helicopter Squadron 64 (HSG 64) is stationed with his squadron staff and the Flying Group and also the Technical Group at Laupheim Airbase, and an air transport group with its own Airfield at Schoenewalde / Holzdorf. The main task of the HSG64 is the air transport in national and multinational area as well as the planning, management, implementation and monitoring of rescue operations / Personnel Recovery (PR), the support of special forces and the implementation of Medical Evacuation (MedEvac) and Military Evacuation (MilEvac) operations , for this purpose 40 Sikorsky CH-53 helicopters are available at Laupheim and 20 at Holzdorf. For this occasion, the CH-53  84 + 06 was fitted with an attractive special paint the benefits of the "old operator" are honored in a special way at the tail are the different missions these include the fire fighting in Fahrenberg, Grafenwoehr, Thumsee, Larissa, Attica, in the Abruzzo region, and the Peloponnese. More relief flights were flown during earthquakes as in Udine and in Pakistan, the avalanche disaster in Galtür as well as the floods on the Elbe River , Oder and Donau also not be forgotten the humanitarian aid flights in Pakistan, in the Kurdish region and the missions in Iraq, the Balkans, Afghanistan and Congo.

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The Sikorsky CH-53

It was developed as a fast, all-weather airworthy and heavy transport helicopter for the United States Marine Corps in the early 1960s. The first S-65 prototype flew on 14th October 1964. The German variant leads the type designation CH-53G and is based on the CH-53D.

Except for the first two Aircraft all helicopters were built under license in Germany. On July 26th 1972 the "first" CH-53G was officially handed over to the Army. A total of 112 helicopters were procured for the German Army. The history of the CH-53 in the Army is characterized by constant changes and advancements. Thus, taking into account to the experience of the first military missions 20 aircraft were developed till 2002 to CH-53GS Variant with IFR equipment, external auxiliary tanks for range extension, compatible lighting for low flying at night with night vision goggles and Electronic Combat Countermeasure Systems. In addition, this Aircraft can also be equipped with ballistic protection and self-defense weapons.. Since 2006, the CH-53G will be modernized to the new variant the CH-53 GA until 2015, 40 helicopters modernized to GA with improved capabilities in navigation and communication as well as the self-protection equipment.The CH-53is powered by two engines of the type General Electric T64-100. The cell of the CH-53 is produced in the conventional semi-monocoque aluminum alloys and partially reinforced with steel.


A very special thanks to the HSG64, especially to Stabsfeldwebel Ralf Hochrein and his team of the Press & Public Relations!

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