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LTG 61 C-160 Transall 51+01 First Flight 

Am 22.Mai wurde die Jubiläumslackierung zum 60 jährigen bestehen des LTG 61 / Lufttransportgeschwader 61 offiziell vorgestellt. Die Maschine wird im Rahmen des am 10.06.17 auf Fliegerhorst Landsberg/Lech statt findenden Tag der Bundeswehr zu sehen sein. Die Bilder zeigen den Erstflug nach erfolgreicher Lackierung in der Dämmerung vom 16.Mai
On the 22nd May the LTG 61 proudly presented her special painted Transall. The aircraft will be displayed at the "Tag der Bundeswehr" Airshow in June 2017.The Images are shown the first Flight in the evening on the 16th May!

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Image below shows Norman Flight of two Tornado GR4s (ZA369)/003, (ZA459)/025 from the Royal Air Force joining Cobo42 A310 MRTT (10+24) of the German Air Force during #eart17 and #frisianflag17 exercises!
Air to Air Refueling
McDonnell Douglas F-15C Eagle 85-0102 of the Louisiana Air National Guard- 159th Fighter Wing during the recovery at Militärflugplatz Leeuwarden after an Frisian Flag 2017 sortie !

Flying with External Load

Flying with External Load  is an necessary skill for every modern Military. Last week an Crew of the HSG64 train flying with different Load-outs on their Sikorsky CH-53GA (84+34) . Training's like this are been conducted on an regular basis to enhance the safety and the readiness of the Crews !
#bundeswehr #Luftwaffe
CH-53 External Load Training
With the end of this year the final countdown for the Lufttransportgeschwader 61  at Penzing has started it will be disbanded till the end of 2017.With an big Open day at the 10th June 2017 the LTG61 want to say good bye to Public and also celebrate its 60th Anivarsary ! So we will end this year with the following Images and looking forward to 2017 !
"Tower this is Gamsbock requesting a fly by! Negative Gamsbock the pattern is full"
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///Fliegerhorst Landsberg a.Lech / Penzing
Arround 400 personal mostly of the Chaos Assault, C/3-501st AHB(3rd Battalion, 501st Aviation Regiment),Combat Aviation Brigade, 1st Armored Division, Fort Bliss deployed to Europe for nine months in support of Operation Atlantic Resolve.
Operation Atlantic Resolve is an ongoing show of commitment and resolve by the United States toward its NATO and further european allies. One of their Sikorsky UH-60M visited Penzing for a fuel stop after an mountain navigation flight seen here on depature during Sunset ! For more stunning sunset images Klick >>!
Fliegerhorst Lechfeld//
The German Air Force and European Air Group (EAG) exercise DOBEX /VOLCANEX (DOVO) ran from 17th till the 25th October 2016 at Lechfeld Air Base and saw a 600-strong eight-nation coalition take part in training for the buildup and protection of a Deployed Operating Base in a simulated, semi-permissive environment. Full Report >>
Flughafen München//
Air Atlanta Icelandic Boeing 747 TF-AAK Iron Maiden "ED Force One"
Flughafen Stuttgart//
U.S. Navy Lockheed MartinKC-130T 163591 of the VR-55 Minutemen leaving Stuttgart after an Nightstop !
Kuwait Airforce Boeing C-17A Globemaster III KAF343 departing back to Kuwait !
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Flughafen München//
Oman Royal Flight Boeing 747-400 A4O-OMN departing on RW26R for a short trip to Hamburg !
Privilege Style Boeing 777-28E(ER) EC-MIA Soccer Charter for the UEFA Champions League quarterfinals Benfica Lissabon - FC Bayern München !
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Fliegerhorst Neuburg//
Eurofighter 30+22 of the Tactical Fighter Wing 74 " Bavarian Tigers Neuburg" arriving back after the evening mission! More in the Galleries!

 The first new Airbus Helicopters H145M in LUH SOF (Light Utility Helicopter Special Operations Forces) configuration arrived at Laupheim in March.In July 2013 15 H145M where ordered by the Bundeswehr after the first delivery in Dezember last year the first Instructor Pilots start there training by Airbus Helicopters Germany at Manching with the approval of the first four instructor Pilots the German Air Force carried out further pilot training by itself. The 15 H145M would be part of the Helicopter Squadron 64(HSG64) based at Laupheim. Picture below shows the 4th H145M 76+04 more of our visit in the Galleries

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